Keeping students safe is always a priority for Denver schools. While emergency drills will give them a solid strategy to protect themselves, the more you can protect the building, the better off they’ll be. Installing safety window film on Denver campuses is one of the most effective and efficient ways to improve campus security without putting strain on your operating budget. Here are a few benefits that this protective window film offers to both large and small campuses.

How Safety Window Film Protects Denver Schools

Makes Windows Impact Resistant

Even tempered glass can shatter under enough force. Since most buildings have nothing more than standard double pane windows, those glass panels are at high risk for shattering into the classroom. This puts students at risk for cuts and scrapes even if the impact is from nothing more than a falling limb. Safety window film for Denver schools helps keep the glass from shattering or falling out of the window frame. It may still crack, but it won’t fall in towards the students.

This makes it effective in slowing down intruders and attackers should an active shooter target your school. The longer it takes them to get into the building, the more time your students have to find a safe place to shelter and hide.

Reduces Theft

Many Denver campuses have expensive technology in every classroom. Items like computers, projectors, tablets, and even science equipment are valuable enough to be a tempting target for thieves. Since safety window film keeps windows from failing even under high impacts, it can also protect your building from theft. The longer it takes for a thief to get into your building, the more likely they are to get noticed or caught by law enforcement.

Keep Your Denver Campus Safe

Give your Denver campus a security boost by installing safety window film on all exterior windows. Contact us to get a free quote and to find the right window film for your needs.