It’s tough to run a business, and in a bustling city like Denver–the challenges are more magnified than ever before. The challenges are constant and the same for nearly every business model. From payroll to insurance and ordering to scheduling there is a lot to do. So when it comes to security and safety solutions–you want something simple, affordable, and easy to acquire. This is why window film, which shores up your biggest security threat and also safety threat–should be a consideration. It protects from varied threats, the installation is seamless, it is cost-effective and, best of all, it will give you peace of mind.

How Window Film Increases Safety in Denver Commercial Spaces

Security window film is a workaround for code and budget for tempered glass. Should your window be broken, the film will keep glass shards safely adhered to the specialty security window film paired with frames.

But–it protects from other things too!

Security Window Film Protects Businesses from Theft

Windows treated with safety window film shatters when it but the glass will stay stuck to the film. This means an intruder will need to work incredibly hard and use multiple blows to penetrate the glass. In fact, the assailant will likely need to pull and pry the shattered glass remnants to get in. Because smash and grabs are crimes of convenience, the result is usually the thief moving on rather than risk getting caught trying to get in.

Security Window Film Offers UV Protection

While security window film is a great way to keep out burglars–it also blocks 99.9% of UV rays. This protects those in your business skin and eye disease and headaches. So security window film makes your Denver area business an all-around safer environment for both customers and workers. It also keeps your merchandise and furnishings from deteriorating which saves you money on replacements.

Security Window Film Protects from Bullet and/or Bomb Attack

Attacks from gunmen and bombs are incredibly tragic when they occur. Of course, they are not common occurrences but, sadly, cannot be predicted. If you are concerned about your Denver business becoming a target of this type of violence or work in an industry where it is prevalent–safety and security window film should be a strong consideration. When paired with specialty frames and C-bond adhesive and high-performance security film will stop many caliber bullets and even a bomb. This powerful technology is specifically engineered to protect your staff and customers from attacks of this nature and give them more time to escape and for authorities to arrive.

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