3M Window Film Products For Denver

3M Window Film For Commercial Applications

Whether you are considering window film as a way to make your commercial building’s tenants happy or you are more interested in improving your commercial investment’s profitability, 3M window film is the right choice for your Denver commercial windows.  With any number of individual series of films to choose from you are sure to solve nearly any of the issues in your building relating to its windows.

Increased Safety And Security With 3M

3M safety and security films are some of the most powerful films in the industry today.  Strong but lovely, 3M protective window films are engineered to protect people and property.  They offer protection from accidents, natural disasters, break and entry, bomb blasts and flying glass fragments (which are proven to do the most damage to human life).

3M Safety and Security Window Film Case Study

Reduce Energy Costs With 3M

3M makes many different films that save commercial spaces money on what are often incredibly high utility cost that come along with commercial spaces.  Another film,  3M Daylight Redirecting films, works by cutting back on lighting use in your Denver commercial space by casting sunlight deeper into buildings. This saves you money on utility bills each month. Not only will your building save money all year (since 3M is four seasons) but these amazing films also help to reduce carbon emissions and could help qualify you for LEED tax credits.

3M Commercial Energy Saving Window Tint Denver

Enhanced Decor + Privacy With 3M

Privacy solutions in commercial spaces are critical for success–but can add up big time cost-wise.  3M window film for privacy applications is a money-saving solution for your Denver office or workplace. Beyond being gorgeous, these films cost only a fraction of something like etched, cut or sandblasted glass. Likewise, 3M custom films are a fantastic branding vehicle for glass windows and doors.

3M Decorative Window Film Case Study

3M Window Film For Denver Homes 

When you are home–comfort is the goal. Not just in some places but in every room in your house– at any time of day. This is why applying 3M window film is a smart idea for homeowners craving comfort.  Not only are these films modern in appearance but come in varying levels of light transmissions to fit your personal tastes. 3M window films make good sense for Denver homeowners as they have the power to do everything from saving you money to insulating your home.

Eliminate Hot And Cold Spots With 3M

By reflecting and dispersing heat back into the rooms of your home, you are able to cut back or even eliminate hot and cold spots in your Denver home. 3M window films regulate the temperatures perfectly across your entire home.  S you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and save money on energy costs with the incredible insulating properties of 3M window film.  Also, when your HVAC systems don’t need to work as hard keeping your Denver home interiors regulated they break down less often–cutting back on the need for costly repairs. 

3M Thinsulate Case Study Denver

Reduced Glare With 3M

Glare through windows makes comfort in your Denver home a difficult endeavor.   This is because too much glare results in obscured screens, intensely hot areas of your home and could even be detrimental to your health (causing headaches and eye strain)  If you are dealing with glare issues, as many people in “The Mile High City” are prone to, don’t despair–there are any number of window films by  3M™ specifically for solar control. These amazing films control excessive light, day in and day out, all year round, so you can enjoy your favorite rooms free of glare and the resulting discomfort.

3M sun control case study

Block Harmful UV Rays With 3M

3M window film lets you filter the rays of light shining through your Denver home’s windows.  Meaning you get the natural light you crave but stay fully protected by a film that blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.  Keep your skin and eyes healthier and safe from certain cancers and also inhibit fading of your furnishings when you choose 3M window film for your Denver home.  

3M UV Blocking Window Film Residential Denver

For more information on 3M window film for your Denver home or commercial space, contact us and speak with one of our experts here at Denver Window Tinting today!