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Decorative Window Film for Style, Color, & Privacy

Any room with glass walls can be made into a private or semi-private stunner, in-line and harmonious with your current decor. Decorative window film allows Denver building owners to enhance their existing aesthetics in an affordable manner and without making any expensive structural changes or renovations. It can be applied to almost any flat surface in the interior or exterior of your building and is a stylish addition to conference rooms, lobby areas, storefronts, or private areas of your home.

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Decorative Film Options

Denver Window Tinting is one of the largest providers of decorative window film in the Denver/Metro area. We carry a wide range of decorative film colors and styles so you have the freedom to create a look you love and that compliments your existing style. Some of our most popular decorative films are:

  • Patterned film
  • Frosted film
  • Transparent film
  • HD graphic film
  • Cloaking film
  • Building wraps
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Uses & Applications

Decorative window film can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Some of the most popular areas and applications for decorative tint include:

  • Lobby & waiting areas
  • Retail environments
  • Showers, locker rooms & bathrooms
  • Private office spaces
  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Office cubicles
  • Security checkpoints
  • Conference rooms
  • Residential spaces
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Affordable Custom Decorative Window Film for Denver Properties

Custom glass treatments are gorgeous and not surprisingly very expensive. However, you can get the stylish, high end look you want without emptying your wallet with decorative window film. The same glass looks you love frosted, textured glass, high resolution colored glass graphics, cost only a fraction of the price. Decorative window film is simply the best choice for the designer and a breathtaking alternative to glass replacement.

Denver Window Tinting is the number one source for residential and commercial window tinting in the Denver metro area. Call our office today to receive an estimate on decorative film or speak to a designer about your upcoming decorative film project!