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Keep Radiation Out with RF/EMR Blocking Window Tint

Radio frequencies bombard the air around us all day every day in the world we live in. They are simply unavoidable as we walk the city streets, drive in our cars and even in our home. Waves from cell phones, computers, and electronic devices scattered through the air are the result of the technology that pervades every area of our life. For those with concerns about radiation or EMF sensitivity, this is a fairly big issue and not one that is easily solved–until now. RF/EMR blocking window tint limits exposure to radiation and keep it out of their home or work environment.

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EMR/RF Shielding Effectiveness

Studies show that window tint is likely to play a significant role in reducing radiation exposure. In fact, tests conducted on window films created by Eastman on their EMR/RF shielding show a high degree of effectiveness, which is good new for those concerned with the possible harmful effects of increased RF waves.


Window Tint for EMR Sensitivity

Living with EHS is hard and affects a number of people. These individuals report that EHS sensitivity interferes with their daily lives and has detrimental effects such as headaches, nausea, restlessness, and other serious side effects. Window film offers a way to block these RF waves entering your home through your windows and may prevent some side effects of RF exposure. While we make no claims that our window tint has actual effects on EHS sensitivity, we have heard reports from individuals that it has brought them greater comfort and peace of mind.*


Window Tint & Radiation

The actual effect that radiation exposure has on human health is still a dark and mysterious topic for scientists. It is not exactly known how EMRs affect our bodies, minds and cognitive abilities but there are individuals and families who still hold concerns. However, an ounce of prevention can be a very wise decision and if RF exposure concerns you or you are plagued by EHS, RF blocking window tint could be a step in the right direction.

* Please note that this information is not to be taken as medical advice. Window Tint Kansas City makes no claims about the existence of EHS or the effectiveness of window tint as a treatment option. Please consult a healthcare professional on this matter for actual advice.

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