The Importance of UV Blocking Window Film for Denver Winters

November 23, 2020 in Aggrigate, UV/UVB/ RF Blocking Window Tint

UV blocking window film is something most homeowners are thinking about and calling us for in the head of the summer. Why? Well, logically because this is when it is hot outside. So lowering heat indoors is on the mind. However, UV blocking window film is more than a hot season consideration. It is actually needed just as much in winter as it is in summer. Find out more below. 

Reasons Why You Need UV Blocking Window Film In Winter Too

Is UV blocking window film only effective in summer? Or is it something that could be helpful in winter? The answer may surprise you–these types of film are needed year-round and are just as effective in the winter as in the summer. Here is why.

UV Blocking Window Film For the Reflection of the Sun Off Snow

We get a fair amount of snow here in Denver and what we get sure is pretty. But it also brings with it a host of issues outside of car accidents and bitter cold. Did you know that snow reflects and magnifies sunlight? That’s right–the glare off the snow is incredibly powerful and is why you can go snow blind or get a sunburn–even on an overcast day. This is why window film is so relevant in the winter. It is used to block UV rays in winter and summer. It stops the reflection of UV rays off the snow and into your home protecting your skin and eyes.

UV Blocking Window Film to Stop Solar Heat Gain on Glass

It may seem like UV rays coming through your Denver home’s window to heat it up a bit more would be a good thing right? Actually–no. Your home’s HVAC systems are designed to use the air temperature near the center of your home (usually near the center) to regulate the temperatures. Therefore, there is no way for it to account for, or adjust to, the massive amount of radiant heat coming off of your untreated windows. This means the areas by your windows get as uncomfortably hot as it is in summer without UV blocking window film. Also, it means your HVAC systems work harder and need more frequent repairs. 

UV Blocking Window Film to Curb Harmful Radiation in Winter

UV rays beaming into your home at any time of the year–summer or winter–are destructive. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, the effects of these rays are the same. They will destroy and fade your home’s furniture, rugs, curtains, and floors. More concerning–are harmful to your eyes and skins, causing illnesses, headaches, and even certain types of cancer. This means even in winter, you should utilize the protection that films are designed to provide: an SPF 1000 and blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

For more information on UV blocking window film for your Denver home--reach out to us at Denver Window Tinting today! 

Keep Your Denver Home Warm with Energy Saving Window Film

November 14, 2020 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold. Almost. Feeling cold when you’re inside and supposed to be in a warm place is just about the worst kind of misery there is. Unfortunately, it’s a hard feeling to escape in a place like Denver where six inches of snow or more happens on a regular basis.

That’s where energy saving window film can help. Denver homeowners can install energy saving window film to give their windows an insulating boost that helps them retain heat during the cold months of the year. Here’s how it works. Continue reading »

3 Reasons to Install Security Window Film In Denver Businesses

October 16, 2020 in Aggrigate, Glare Reducing Window Tinting

It’s tough to run a business, and in a bustling city like Denver–the challenges are more magnified than ever before. The challenges are constant and the same for nearly every business model. From payroll to insurance and ordering to scheduling there is a lot to do. So when it comes to security and safety solutions–you want something simple, affordable, and easy to acquire. This is why window film, which shores up your biggest security threat and also safety threat–should be a consideration. It protects from varied threats, the installation is seamless, it is cost-effective and, best of all, it will give you peace of mind.

How Window Film Increases Safety in Denver Commercial Spaces

Security window film is a workaround for code and budget for tempered glass. Should your window be broken, the film will keep glass shards safely adhered to the specialty security window film paired with frames.

But–it protects from other things too!

Security Window Film Protects Businesses from Theft

Windows treated with safety window film shatters when it but the glass will stay stuck to the film. This means an intruder will need to work incredibly hard and use multiple blows to penetrate the glass. In fact, the assailant will likely need to pull and pry the shattered glass remnants to get in. Because smash and grabs are crimes of convenience, the result is usually the thief moving on rather than risk getting caught trying to get in.

Security Window Film Offers UV Protection

While security window film is a great way to keep out burglars–it also blocks 99.9% of UV rays. This protects those in your business skin and eye disease and headaches. So security window film makes your Denver area business an all-around safer environment for both customers and workers. It also keeps your merchandise and furnishings from deteriorating which saves you money on replacements.

Security Window Film Protects from Bullet and/or Bomb Attack

Attacks from gunmen and bombs are incredibly tragic when they occur. Of course, they are not common occurrences but, sadly, cannot be predicted. If you are concerned about your Denver business becoming a target of this type of violence or work in an industry where it is prevalent–safety and security window film should be a strong consideration. When paired with specialty frames and C-bond adhesive and high-performance security film will stop many caliber bullets and even a bomb. This powerful technology is specifically engineered to protect your staff and customers from attacks of this nature and give them more time to escape and for authorities to arrive.

For more information on safety and security window film for your Denver business, contact us at Denver Window Tinting today!

The Benefits of Privacy Window Film for Your Denver Home

May 19, 2020 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film

With many of us staying home and spending a lot more time in our residential properties, it can become a lot more apparent when you have privacy issues. Privacy concerns can impede on both your comfort and safety, making it important to find ways that mitigate these issues for your property. While window treatments can be quite effective for blocking unwanted views into your home, they also block natural sunlight and aren’t the best solution for certain window types. Privacy window film offers Denver homes an affordable, effective solution.

The Advantages of Privacy Window Film for Denver Homes

Privacy window film provides an effective way to block unwanted views into your property. It obstructs views from neighbors and onlookers while keeping your views from the inside out optically clear. Privacy film is available in many different finishes, hues, and reflective properties and can provide homeowners an opportunity to transform their exterior as well. A wonderful benefit of privacy film is that it doesn’t block natural sunlight transmissions and helps keep your property looking bright and welcoming. Privacy film promotes better comfort and safety among your home, making sure you and your loved ones feel the way you should within your home. Privacy window film is also ideal for certain windows like sidelights, transoms, and more.

Work with Denver’s Preferred Privacy Window Film Contractors

Denver Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred privacy window film contractors serving the Colorado area. Our team is available during normal business hours for virtual consultations. We have the largest collection of privacy films and can help you choose the perfect aesthetic option that provides the privacy benefits you need. We’re offering free virtual consultations and are looking forward to working with you.

For more information regarding privacy window film for your Denver home, please contact us!

Keep Our Denver Communities Safe With Social Distancing Graphics

April 22, 2020 in Window Tint and Film

With many Denver residents becoming restless, people are excited for the day they can finally sit down at a restaurant or go to their favorite store. The stay at home order is finally coming to an end. While this is an exciting time for Denver communities, safety is still a priority and the pressure is on for local businesses. New mandatory health and safety regulations are being issues and it is up to business owners to adapt and comply. I am here to tell you that the stress of compliance does not have to complete fall on our business owners. Our new social distancing graphics and safety evaluations can provide your business with piece of mind through targeting risk areas, and applying proper warning signs, reminders, procedures, and much more. Social distancing graphics can help protect your employees and customers, ensure compliance with local and federal laws, and protect your business from lawsuits or liability.

Keep Your Denver Business Light on Its Feet

Our safety evaluations and social distancing graphics can allow you to focus on running your business. Evaluations are precise and installations are quick. Our safety plans are extremely versatile and will allow your business to quickly adapt to changing regulations. Our durable graphics are perfect for high traffic areas, while they can also be easily removed if needed. Graphics are also 100% customizable and can be installed on many surfaces, including glass, metal, wood, carpet, plastics, and so much more. Social distancing graphics may be the most cost effective solution to protect your Denver community, comply with mandatory safety procedures, and limit liability.

Hand Washing Reminders:


Aisles and Walk Way Graphics:

Clearly direct foot traffic throughout your facility.

Check-Out Line Graphics:

Enforce appropriate social distancing in check-out lines.

Door Graphics:

Install caution/ warning signs for mandatory mask areas, and other reminders.


Denver’s Film Experts Can Work For Your Business.

During this time, nothing makes us happier that helping protect our Denver communities. If your business or organization will need an update to its safety procedures, our safety evaluation and social distancing graphics could be the perfect solution for you. We are currently offering free virtual consultations, and operating during normal business hours. Our tailored safety solutions can help slow the spread of COVID-19 provide safer spaces for our Denver community, and limit liability for our local businesses.

For more information on social distancing surface graphics and safety evaluations, please contact us!

Maximize Your Denver Home’s Security Measures with Safety Window Film

April 20, 2020 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Film

With stay at home orders in place, many of us are spending a lot more time at home. During these uncertain times, finding better ways to improve the comfort and safety of your home can help alleviate some of the stress. When it comes to home security, there are very limited options for defending the weakest parts of your property: the glass windows and doors. Safety window film provides an effective option for protecting your loved ones.

The Benefits of Safety Window Film for Your Denver Home

Safety window film provides comprehensive protection against break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, natural disasters, severe weather, and much more. By bonding broken glass fragments together after impact, this prevents broken glass hazards. Broken glass is actually the number one cause of serious injury and blast-related death. Installing safety film also provides the benefit of easier, safer cleanups after an incident occurs. By adding a thick layer of invisible protection to your glass windows and doors, homeowners can gain peace of mind knowing they have a passive security system that remains “on” 24/7. Safety window film also delivers precious time during the event of a break-in. It makes it considerably more difficult to gain access for intruders, giving you and your loved ones more time to better hide or escape.

Work with Denver’s Top Safety Window Film Contractors

Denver Window Tinting is honored to be the top safety window film contractors serving the Denver metro area. Our team is offering free virtual consultations and are available remotely during normal business hours. We can help you with your security project from the comfort of your own home. Work with our contractors to find the best recommendations for the perfect security investment for your property.

For more information regarding safety window film for your home, please contact us!


March 4, 2020 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Film

We get a lot of inquiries about how long it will take until security window film will need to be replaced. This is a good question and the great news is–not often. This is true of most types of window film. But, security window film does have some extenuating circumstances that could mean you need to replace it more often. This is simply due to the function of the film–protection. So as you will see, the fact that you need to replace security film on your Denver building could be a very good thing. Find out why below.


The purpose of safety and security window films is to add safety to your Denver home or business. It does this by keeping glass safely adhered to even after severe blows from a storm, intruder or accident. When the glass stays on the film it can’t fly around and hurt people. So, if you need to replace the film, it is almost always due to a catastrophic event—more likely than not the film saved lives. After such an event the window, frame, and security film need to be replaced.


Like any film on the market– window film gets old. Film on windows that face east or west especially, tend to age faster. When a window film gets visibly old due to exposure to the sun it stops being as effective. Since it is in place to protect people–this means it needs to be replaced when visibly aged or risk of injury is introduced. Here in Denver (where the sun is intense) this could happen faster than say–the Pacific Northwest. In replacement circumstances like this, you can usually keep the safety frames.


If you are doing a remodel on a home and need to move a window, you may have to replace your security film. This largely depends on your particular renovation. But once a security film is torn or scratched it is no longer effective. Whether or not you can use the specialty frames again depends on the and skill of your contractor and the age of the frames. Specialty security framing should be able to be used again if properly removed.

All in all–once the security film is in—it is there for a good long time–unless it saves your life. Contact us at Denver Window Tinting today to schedule a free, on-site security assessment today!

Myths and Facts about Bomb Blast Window Film

February 21, 2020 in Safety And Security Film

Public-targeted violence is on the rise. As a result, schools, churches, libraries, and government offices are calling for better security. But some security technologies (like bulletproof glass) are costly. And the funds simply aren’t there to finance these projects.

As a solution, administrators are turning to a more affordable alternative: bomb blast window film. In Denver, bomb blast window film can provide protection not only against terrorist attacks, but also every day threats as well like hail, blizzards, break-ins, and uv rays.

But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? In other words, is it worth the cost? In this article, we’ll explore some of the common myths and facts pertaining to bomb blast prevention technology.

Continue reading »

Security Window Film Can Help with Accident Prevention for Denver Businesses

February 18, 2020 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Film

We do everything that we can to help with accident prevention among our Denver businesses. From safety distraction markers to keeping your property up to code, there’s always a lot to think about and maintain when you’re a business owner. For businesses looking for preventative measures to help defend against accidents, there are actually different passive options that you can take advantage of. Security window film offers a great solution for accident prevention in your commercial property.

The Advantages of Security Window Film for Your Denver Business

One of the great benefits of security window film is its ability to aid in accident prevention. There are numerous things that can be out of your control, leading to glass breakage on your property. Broken glass is actually the most significant cause of serious injury and blast-related death. By mitigating this risk, broken glass can’t pose a threat to your guests, staff members, and any other building occupants. This also keeps your property valuables safe, making cleanup after an accident much easier while minimizing your operational downtime. In addition to accident prevention, security window film also provides comprehensive protection against smash-and-grab robberies, burglaries, break-ins, natural disasters, severe weather, and more. This invisible, passive security system won’t interfere with the look of your windows and provides the most effective security.

Work with Denver’s Preferred Security Window Film Contractors

Denver Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred security window film contractor serving the state of Colorado. With the most extensive selection of security window film, we ensure that we’ll have the right investment for your business. We’ve helped a multitude of commercial properties with their security needs and would love the opportunity to help you discover all the different options available for your business.

For more information regarding commercial security window film, please contact us!