Security Film for Parker Businesses: Elevating Smash-and-Grab Robberies in Denver Metro Area

October 16, 2018 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Film

Seven Parker businesses were the latest target of smash-and-grab robberies in the Denver metro area. Early Monday morning, October 15, these businesses were hit and the burglar remains at large. Eight Arvada businesses also experienced burglary last week, adding to the total of 100 smash-and-grab robberies that have occurred in the Denver metro area since summer alone. Even though many of these businesses have security systems and security cameras, smash-and-grabs happen so quickly that it doesn’t give these measures adequate time to be effective. Safety and security window film is the most effective security solution for your Parker business.

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film for Your Parker Business

Safety and security film can be installed directly to the most vulnerable areas of your property– the glass doors and windows. Security film works by bonding glass together after any impact while adding strength and flexibility. This deterrent makes quite the loud commotion for burglars and assailants trying to gain access to your property, drawing undesirable attention and making them give up. Security film offers extensive protection against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. By installing security film, your Parker business can save considerably while preventing stolen valuables and making cleanup much easier after any event.

Denver Window Tinting Parker: 3M™ Safety & Security Film S140 Demonstration from Denver Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Window Film in Parker Businesses

Denver Window Tinting has been the number one source for safety and security window film in the Parker area and is proud to offer the most comprehensive collection of commercial window film solutions. We’re here to help businesses across any industry protect their property and expensive investments. Our installation processes are always discreet, stress-free, and timely. We focus on minimizing operational downtime and providing your property with the necessary benefits immediately.

For more information regarding safety and security window film for your Parker business, please contact us!

Ballistic Resistant Window Film Installation Costs and Benefits for Denver Commercial Properties

October 10, 2018 in Aggrigate, Safety And Security Film

Denver commercial properties can be built to house thousands of guests at any given moment. These larger commercial properties can, unfortunately, become targets for domestic and terrorist attacks. While security systems and security teams can definitely help mitigate threats and manage safety, there needs to be a preventative measure that can save lives if unfortunately, guns or an explosive is able to get past security. Ballistic resistant window film is available for improving security measures for Denver commercial properties.

Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Denver Commercial Property

Ballistic resistant window film is a specialty security film system that implements multiple layers of premium security film, a glass strengthening agent, and an attachment system. Denver commercial properties that can become potential targets of domestic or terrorist attacks can defend the most vulnerable parts of their buildings– the glass windows and doors. Ballistic resistant window film can absorb the shockwave from higher impact events like gunfire, explosions, break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, and freak accidents. Defending building occupants and property valuables from broken glass fragments can save potential lives, reduce the severe risk of injury, and reduce cleanup time after an event. Ballistic resistant window film is the best protection available against gunfire.

Denver Window Tinting: Bomb Blast Test with Armorcoat Safety Film from Denver Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Installation Cost and Process of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Denver Commercial Properties

Ballistic resistant window film’s pricing depends on the size of the project, products installed, as well as the labor. Our team of security film experts is happy to help determine where ballistic resistant window film is necessary on your property to minimize costs and determine strategic placement. We promote discreet, quick installation processes in order to avoid downtime and also give your property the element of surprise.

For more information regarding ballistic resistant window film security systems for your Denver commercial property, please contact us!

Beautiful and Functional Ideas for You Breckenridge Home Using Decorative Window Film

September 12, 2018 in Aggrigate, Privacy And Decorative Window Film

Creative Decorative Window Film Ideas For Breckenridge Homes

Window film is known to be for security and/or industrial applications but there is a whole new world of window film we would like to tell you about called decorative window film.  Not just for store windows and signs anymore, today’s decorative films are more lovely than ever and can really be applied to nearly any flat surface on your Breckenridge home. While decorative window film goes great on windows,  doors, walls, dividers, and glass cabinets are possibilities too. Whether you just want to add a little style to a room or change the entire design, decorative window film gives you myriad options for decorating and solving many issues. If your creative juices flowing are flowing or if you need a little more of a kickstart, read the ideas we came up with below.

#1) Decorative Window Film To Create A Stained Glass Look

Stained glass is lovely but expensive.  On the other hand, decorative window film is a cost-effective way to simulate the beauty and colorful effects of stained glass.   In some cases, decorative window film even gives you more design flexibility so you can try ideas that may not be possible on the traditional stained glass.

#2) Decorative Window Film For Stylish Privacy

Window treatments are sometimes hard to match to your decor. But curtains and blinds are essential for privacy.  Decorative window film is attractive, creative and fully customizable to give you exactly the level of coverage you want for different areas of the house like bedrooms, entryways, and bathrooms.  Beyond how sleek they look, this type of application is extremely creative and unique and are sure to delight your guests.

#3) Decorative Window FIlm For Lovely Style And Perfect Function

Places like breakfast nooks, entryways, and bathrooms, are all areas you want softly lit with an inviting look. As it were, and blinds and curtains are horrible for creating such a mood.  They are far too constraining both in form and function, hard to match and block natural light. Decorative window film is a way to get that elegant diffused look you want since it comes in many textures like etched, cut, sandblasted, and textured glass at a much lower price point than traditional patterned or sandblasted glass.

The only limitation with decorative window film is truly your own imagination.  Contact us at Denver Window Tinting today for more decorative window film ideas and to get pricing for your Breckenridge home.


Will Window Film Darken The Windows Of  My Denver Home?

July 16, 2018 in Aggrigate, UV/UVB/ RF Blocking Window Tint

Fact Or Fiction: Window Film Darkens  Windows?

We get a lot of questions here at Denver Window Tinting about something well within our wheelhouse–window film.  One of the most common inquiries we get is whether or not window film will darken a home and/or its windows. We understand why this question is so pressing–nobody wants to trade an annoying glare for a dark and dreary home.  The truth is window film does not darken windows significantly and below we explain why.

Let’s begin with how window film works.

How Does Today’s Modern Window Film Work?

Window film does not work as a “permanent shade” that stays on your windows like some people think.   As such, it also does not darken or block out the rays of the sun. Very early models of window films did darken windows today’s window films could not be more different.  In today’s modern world evolved window film now works on a much finer level–even molecular in some cases. Window tinting is today is made from ceramics and metals and work by either absorbing the harmful rays of the sun and/or reflecting them. These films have virtually no effect on visible light because they only block the harmful rays we cannot see like UV, UVA, and UVB.  Leaving your windows clear and your view unobstructed.

Window Film For A Clear, Unobstructed View

Here at Denver Window Tinting, we offer myriad of window films that work to keep glass clear and glare-free. These cutting-edge films allow plenty of natural light into your home,  while still giving you all the benefits that window film is known for: low utility bills, even temperatures, and reduced glare. These films range from nearly invisible but range to intentionally dark if you so desire.  Ultimately the glass on your Denver home will appear clear unless you choose a dark film for a specific reason. In fact, will even, in many cases, give your home a brighter appearance and enhance the view outside your window.

So, as you can see, window film is 100% effective without any loss of clarity your crave or the darkening of the windows on your Denver home.

Watch the video below for more information on window film

Thinking about window film for your Denver home but need more information?  Contact us today to discuss your options and find out more about pricing.


How UV Blocking Window Film Prevents Fading of Floors, Furniture, and Art in Your Denver Home

July 6, 2018 in Aggrigate, UV/UVB/ RF Blocking Window Tint

Denver homeowners may have noticed the permanent sun damage through the symptoms of fading, discoloration, and distortion of virtually anything that’s been in direct sunlight within their homes. This irreversible damage can affect flooring, furniture, upholstery, art, equipment, and much more, making repair and replacement costs significantly high and undesirable. For those who don’t want to sacrifice natural light and lose the welcoming feel of their homes, there’s an affordable, effective option for protecting your valuables: UV blocking window film.

Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film for Your Denver Home

UV blocking window film is capable of blocking out up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. Overexposure to UV radiation causes fading floors, discolored furniture, warped art, shortened lifespan for equipment, and even considerable health conditions. Instead of using tacky, outdated curtains to protect your home valuables and family, installing UV blocking window film maintains natural light transmissions for a bright, welcoming home. UV blocking window film is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for protecting all residences throughout the Denver area. Due to our elevation, we’re exposed to a more concentrated amount of UV radiation. UV blocking window film also features energy efficiency and glare reduction benefits that improve home comfort while helping homeowners save on energy costs and repair fees.

Installation Process for UV Blocking Window Film for Denver Homes

Denver Window Tinting has the most extensive selection of UV blocking window film available in today’s market. We guarantee we can find the perfect investment for your Denver home based on your individual needs and priorities. Our team of expert installers provide timely, worry-free installation processes so that your family can start experiencing the benefits of UV blocking window film immediately.

For more information regarding UV blocking window film for the ultimate fade protection for your Denver home, please contact us or call: (720) 835-2164

Bird Strike Prevention Film: How It Stops Bird Strikes On Denver Windows And Why That Matters

May 15, 2018 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Film

Bird Strikes On Windows In Denver Colorado

If you have had an issue with birds colliding with your home or office windows you are by no means alone. In fact, it is estimated a whopping 1 billion birds die each year due to collisions with windows. Even birds that collide with windows and then fly away, sadly end up dying afterward due to internal injuries. Below we explore the reasons birds fly into windows and how we, at Denver Window Tinting, can help you avoid having birds fly into your windows.

Why Do Birds Fly Into Windows?

Bird strikes on windows can be broken down into two categories–daytime strikes and nighttime strikes. While the resulting injury to the bird is the same, the reasons for the collisions vary greatly. In the daytime, birds crash into windows because they see the reflection of foliage and believe that image to be a tree or place to nest. At night, nocturnal birds, who are attracted to light, fly into windows due to their natural instincts to go towards the light. Although not as common as the first two, there is another reason birds fly into glass windows and that is, they see their reflection and attack it–mostly in spring when their territorial drive is high.

How To Prevent Bird Strikes On Home or Office Windows

Birds are beautiful and useful to mankind for ridding us of pests like bugs and vermin, so keeping them safe benefits us as well. Also, birds can and do break windows in collisions, so if you are having issues with birds striking your windows, it is likely only a matter of time until you need to replace cracked or shattered glass. One of the easiest and best ways to prevent bird strikes on your home’s windows is to have bird strike prevention film applied to them. This technology is approved by the American Bird Conservancy and is “peer-reviewed protocols that we deem sufficient, or which have been shown by experienced monitors to demonstrate a significant reduction in collisions.” Bird strike prevention film is bird specific and allows birds to see reflective windows that would otherwise be invisible to them. The best part about these films is there is no loss of clarity on your Denver home’s windows either!

If you are concerned about birds flying into your home’s windows and dying or being hurt, contact us at Denver Window Tinting to learn more about our specialty window films, engineered to solve this issue.

Can Window Film Save Money on Actual Energy Bills in Denver?

May 13, 2018 in Energy Efficient Window Tinting, Residential Window Film

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills fluctuate throughout the year, you’re not alone. This is a common thing experienced by many homeowners in the Mile High City due to Colorado’s extremely variant climate. Summers at altitude are brutal while winters in a city so close to the mountains bring harsh, damp conditions. As a result, your hvac system is forced to work harder during the summer and the winter to keep your home at the right temperature.

However, new studies indicate that there may be an easy solution for reducing monthly energy costs. Many homeowners are installing window film because it helps save money on actual energy bills. In Denver, this trend has taken off quickly and it’s easy to see why: because it works!

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Protect the Merchandise In Your Denver Store from Theft With Security Window Film

May 2, 2018 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Safety And Security Film

There are some things in life you can’t control. And one of them is other people. People are unpredictable and if they become desperate enough, will resort to desperate measures, such as breaking and entering.

In Denver especially, where crime is prevalent, issues with theft and break ins are extremely common. Installing a security window film can help keep your Denver store safe from theft. Security window film provides advanced round the clock protection by deterring thieves and keeping retail stores and merchandise safe.

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Protect Your Denver Home From Harmful UV Rays this Summer with Llumar Window Film

April 13, 2018 in Aggrigate, UV/UVB/ RF Blocking Window Tint

Homes throughout the Denver area experience high exposure to UV rays due to altitude alongside harsh, hot summers from the constant Colorado sun. Lowering air conditioning costs while finding means to protect your home from UV radiation can seem expensive and difficult. Llumar, acclaimed for their residential solar rejection and UV protection window films, delivers an inexpensive solution for Denver homeowners that’s actually a wonderful ROI.

Benefits of Llumar UV Blocking Window Film for Denver Homes

Denver homeowners can experience a multitude of benefits from Llumar’s residential window films. With UV blocking capabilities of up to 99.9%, homeowners can protect their furnishings, flooring, upholstery, valuables, and family members from UV radiation. UV rays can lead to serious health complications and cause irreversible damage to possessions– save money on replacement and potential health/beauty costs with Llumar’s UV blocking window film. Llumar’s residential window film series also feature high solar rejection with up to 80% rejection capabilities. This means your home will remain cool with lowered air conditioning use throughout the summer while maintaining the same, comfortable temperature throughout winter months. With optimized energy efficiency and home comfort, Denver homeowners can experience a full return on their investment in just a few years.

Window Film Deflects Sunlight from Denver Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Installing Llumar UV Blocking Window Film in Your Denver Home

Installing Llumar UV blocking film is like applying SPF 1000 to your Denver home. Denver Window Tinting is the trusted Llumar window tinting contractor in the Denver metro area, providing premium residential solutions to help homeowners save money and protect their home and loved ones. Our local window film experts can complete projects of any size in a timely manner so your home can experience all the benefits immediately.

For more information regarding Llumar residential window film’s UV blocking and solar rejection properties for your Denver home, please contact us or call: (720) 835-2164

How to Attract New Customers in Denver Using Solyx Decorative Window Films

March 28, 2018 in Privacy And Decorative Window Film

solyx decorative window film denver

Marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of owning a business. In the retail industry, this is especially true since a great deal of business transactions conducted during the period of the day are the result of walk-in visits. For this reason, it’s important to find ways to catch the attention of shoppers as they walk by. One way to accomplish this is by making your store in Denver stand out with Solyx Decorative Window Films.

Solyx Decorative Window Films can transform your storefront into an eye catching display. With Solyx, you can instantly capture the attention of shoppers as they walk by without having to spend an arm and a leg on structural changes, expensive print collateral, or painting. With Solyx, you can show off special products and promotions you’re running and give consumers a reason to walk into your store.

Create a Bright and Vibrant Storefront with Color Window Film Options

One of the most popular types of Solyx Decorative Films for retail stores is Solyx Colored Window Films. Solyx Colored Window Films achieve the same look as stained glass without the expensive price tag.

One recent trend is using multiple colored window films to create a pattern out of small windows. By doing this, you can really set the tone for your customers’ experience at your store. Colored window film looks modern and appealing to shoppers who are often on the lookout for something forefront or trending.

holiday themed film denver

Update Your Decor and Messaging Seasonally with Holiday Themed Window Film

Incorporating Holiday themed designs or messages is another great way to use Solyx Decorative Films for your Denver storefront. During the winter, opt for a design with pine trees or snowmen to draw in Christmas shoppers. Change your display seasonally to match specific holidays, such as St Patrick’s day, Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July, and more and appeal to shoppers’ emotions.

Redesign Your Storefront

Take your look to a whole new level. Call Denver Window Tinting today to schedule an appointment to meet with a professional designer for free! We’ll visit your store and recommend different ways for using Solyx Decorative Window Film to market your Denver business. Call us today to get starter.