C-Bond: Premium Window Film Primer and Glass Strengthening Agent for Denver Properties

C-Bond is the only patented glass-strengthening agent that utilizes nanotechnology to strengthen existing glass while optimizing the performance of window film. Scientifically proven to enhance performance, C-Bond is a specialty product that delivers exclusive benefits. Denver Window Tinting is honored to use C-Bond in every window film project, enhancing product adhesion and long-term durability.

The Benefits of C-Bond Technology

The unparalleled strength and durability delivered by C-Bond provide incredible protection, making even bomb blast protection and ballistic resistance possible. C-Bond works at the molecular level by implementing carbon nanotube technology into the pores of glass and window film. By enhancing the molecular structure, this water-based solution offers invisible strength perfect for any window film application.

  • Offers high resistance against stray golf balls and hail
  • Deters forced entry and burglary
  • Defends against 140 mph winds
  • Ballistic resistance
  • Bomb blast protection

Ballistic Resistant Security Window Film

C-Bond technology enables incredible ballistic resistance properties for security film systems. Schools, government buildings, and other commercial spaces can utilize this exclusive solution for keeping their property safe. The benefits of this security film system include:

  • Slows down bullets that are 9mm or lower caliber
  • Provides additional response time
  • Helps deter intruders
  • Invisible, passive 24/7 protection
  • Includes all of the same benefits as standard security film
  • Includes bomb blast protection
  • Available with one-way shooting capabilitiess

Work with Denver’s Authorized C-Bond Dealer

By utilizing C-Bond for every window film project, we guarantee complete client satisfaction. C-Bond makes specialty security film possible, delivering incredible benefits for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!