Protect The Sensitive Areas Of Your Denver Office WIth Casper Cloaking Film

Casper Cloaking Films for privacy

Privacy in offices today is more of a challenge than ever in the era of modern open offices.  These are settings where computer screens are everywhere and glass walls do little to shield them. While it makes sense that business  owners here in Denver want to foster interaction and transparency by using more glass and fewer walls in conference rooms, individual offices, and other areas–this creates an environment where screens with sensitive information are readily visible to anyone and everyone in the office, even those without proper authority to see certain info.  This is especially an issue for departments that deal with very private and potentially damaging information like Accounting, Human Resources. However, there is a solution to the privacy issues in a world with increasingly open office settings, and that solution is–Casper Cloaking Film. It has changed the way businesses protect their employees, clients and company’s most sensitive information from being displayed on screens behind glass and falling into the wrong hands and is available through us here at Denver Window Tinting for your open office space.

What Is Casper Cloaking Film? And How Does It Work?

Casper Cloaking Film is a clear film which is applied any glass window or door to protect the contents of the LED and LCD screens behind them.  While the glass remains completely transparent, the screens behind it will be 100% obscured from the outside looking in. To those passing by the screens are blocked by the film and simply appear as black boxes.  This means all the sensitive or private information on those screens will not be on display for people who may not have the clearance or need to see them. This window film is excellent for Denver offices with glassed-in conference rooms, where privacy solutions are often paper taped wantonly up on the glass to hopefully block out unwanted eyes.  Offices with HR or Accounting departments with glass walls, doors or windows on doors are also able to take advantage of the cloaking benefits. They get the privacy needed to process things like paychecks, hiring information and other employee records without anyone mistakenly seeing the information from behind the glass. Casper Cloaking Films come in clear options but also offers a variety of designs and patterns to compliment an offices existing design.  This means your business gets the functionality of the film without any sacrifice of style–a perfect all-around solution for office privacy needs.

casper privacy film for offices

Window Film Denver For All Your Casper Cloaking Film Needs

At Denver Window Tinting, we are proud to be one of the Denver areas premiere installers of Casper Cloaking Film technology.  We are always happy to provide information and pricing on Casper Cloaking Films or any other window tint product. Contact us to schedule a free, onsite estimate contact Denver Window Tinting today!