The Benefits of Utilizing CBond Nanotechnology to Protect Government Buildings in Denver

April 22, 2019 in Commercial Window Film, Safety And Security Film

In the last few years, our country has made great strides in improving our security and protecting public safety. Now, security procedures for airports, sports stadiums, schools, and concert venues are much more thorough and strict than they were in the past.

Nevertheless, it’s important for us to not rest on laurels and always be on the look out for new ways to make our security systems stronger and more effective. C-Bond window films offer Denver government buildings an incredible opportunity for improving security and protecting employees, equipment, and occupants from unexpected dangers.

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Keeping Students and Faculty Safe Inside Denver Schools with Safety Window Film

December 26, 2018 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film

Window Film For School Safety In Denver

For nearly every industry and setting, window film is able to serve a variety of purposes  However this truly outstanding technology is incredibly useful for educational institutions in particular.  From East High School to Lincoln Elementary the overwhelming number of benefits of window film are as ubiquitous

Of all the benefits that window film affords schools (glare control, energy-efficiency, privacy, security) one could easily argue the most important one is safety.  When it comes to protection, there are also a number of ways that window film keeps both faculty and students in Denver safer.

Bullet And Bomb Resistance From Window Film

The most potent and powerful window film for schools is bullet and bomb resistant film.  While it is true that there is no such thing as “bulletproof” glass–safety and security film paired with C-bond adhesive and specialty attachment systems make for a powerful combination to protect against attacks from bullets and bombs.  These security window films both slow down a would-be attacker (giving students and staff more time to escape) and keep the glass from exploding outward potentially hurting or killing bystanders.

Window Film For Protection From Accidents or Natural Disaster

Window film is something that keeps Denver students and staff protected in the event of an accident like– slip and falls being the most common.  Window film works similar to tempered glass in that, should someone fall into the glass, it will shatter but stay stuck to the glass in copious little shards–making it nearly harmless.   The same holds true for natural disaster protection–the glass will stay intact on the film even when hit by high-velocity debris and winds from things like tornados or hail storms.

Window Film For UV Protection

One of the most common but mostly overlooked threats that Denver school students staff face from their untreated windows are UV rays.  The danger is not immediate but rather, over time, the rays of the sun are very harmful to both the eyes and skin of humans and be the cause of eye and skin cancers/disease. Window film blocks UV rays, reducing the risk of UV related disease.



For more information on how to keep your Denver school more safe and secure, contact us at Denver Window Tinting today!

Smart Ways Your Denver Hotel Can Benefit From Privacy Window Film

December 3, 2018 in Commercial Window Film, Privacy And Decorative Window Film

In Denver, it’s always tourist season. No matter the time of year, travelers are always visiting Denver because of the city’s close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks, and world renowned ski resorts. While all of the constant traffic is great business for local hotels, hospitality managers are now finding that they are faced with a new challenge in light of Denver’s recent growth: It’s nearly impossible to provide guests with the privacy they need.

The growing population has led to the development of more buildings and skyscrapers. That’s why so many Denver hotels are now installing privacy window film. Privacy window film provides Denver hotel managers with an easy solution for protecting the privacy of guests and employees without blocking light or the beautiful views of the Mile High City skyline.

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How Window Film Can Help Your Denver Office Become More Energy Efficient

November 26, 2018 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Energy Efficient Window Tinting

Energy Efficient Window Film For Better Denver Offices

Energy-efficiency is on everyone’s mind right now as well it should be.  it definitely should be.  Conserving energy is not just a good way to lower your reliance on climate-changing fossil fuels like coal and oil but also a great way to save money.  This leads to more profit in your commercial investment. Office spaces benefit immensely from the energy efficiency properties of window film products. The benefits of window film, in general, are copious but when it comes to energy efficiency–this is a benefit that definitely stands out. Read below to find out how energy efficient window film will keep your office workspace running well and save you money too!

Window Film Keeps Heated And Cooled Air Inside

A lot of the air that you pay to heat and cool in your commercial office space leaches out the glass windows and doors. This leakage can be as much as 25% of the air you heat and cool each year. When you install window film on your Denver office you cut back on this leakage greatly and the corresponding loss–saving around 20% on average on your utility bill.

Window Reduces Or Eliminated Solar Heat Gain

During the summer, even double or triple pane windows transmit solar heat from your glass to the surrounding office space. Window film stops the build-up and transfer of heat. This not only means savings but a much = more comfortable and productive workplace.

Window Film Redirects Light Deeper Into Offices

The glare of the sun is more than just annoying– it leads to extremely high cooling bills as well. Window film is a solution to save money and also rids you of that horrible glare. What’s more, daylight redirecting films actually harness that same and redirects it deeper into your Denver office. This saves you money on lighting bills too!

Denver Window Tinting For Energy Efficient Window Film Installation In Denver Offices

If you are interested in saving money with energy efficient window film on your Denver office, contact us at Denver Window Tinting today for a free efficiency check and consultation!

Protect the Merchandise In Your Denver Store from Theft With Security Window Film

May 2, 2018 in Aggrigate, Commercial Window Film, Safety And Security Film

There are some things in life you can’t control. And one of them is other people. People are unpredictable and if they become desperate enough, will resort to desperate measures, such as breaking and entering.

In Denver especially, where crime is prevalent, issues with theft and break ins are extremely common. Installing a security window film can help keep your Denver store safe from theft. Security window film provides advanced round the clock protection by deterring thieves and keeping retail stores and merchandise safe.

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Choosing the Right Commercial Window Film for Your Denver Business

March 2, 2018 in Commercial Window Film

Denver business owners agree that choosing the right commercial window film can definitely pose a challenge considering how many different window film options are available in the market and the different benefits that they offer. Commercial window film provides an affordable solution for Denver business owners, while offering premium security benefits, money saving opportunities, decorative elements, and more.

Benefits of Commercial Window Film for Your Denver Business

Whether you’re looking to increase security measures for your Denver retail store or increase tenant retention in your commercial rental property, window film has the cost-effective solution for you. With solar rejection and UV blocking agents, window film can actually help Denver business owners save money. Energy costs can drastically be reduced year round while creating a comfortable, consistent interior for guests, patrons, employees, and tenants. Decorative window film offers business owners the opportunity for brand visualization, custom ad space, privacy solutions, and more. These highly customizable decorative film can be used in temporary promotional space as well, offering quick installation and replacement. Security window film offers high performance and durability, deterring smash-and-grab burglaries, attacks, natural disasters, and more. By mitigating broken glass and flying debris hazards, you can save potential lives while protecting building valuables.

The Best Commercial Window Film Products for Your Denver Business

We always recommend safety and security window film for commercial properties in Denver. This versatile product offers premium security advantages while providing solar rejection and UV blockers, perfect for any Denver business. Business owners can save money on energy costs, repair and replacement fees, and proactively protect their property and building occupants. Decorative and privacy film products are offered from a multitude of brands, offering endless design options, styling, colors, and textures. From custom mirror graphics to frosted door logos, decorative film has a lot to offer Denver businesses.

Call us today for any questions regarding commercial window film benefits or to schedule a free on-site consultation: (720) 835-2164