3 Reasons Why Llumar Window Film Makes Sense For Denver Homes

February 28, 2019 in Aggrigate, Residential Window Film, Residential Window Tinting

Why Your Windows Need The Power Of LLumar Protection

Your Denver home is a source of pride and joy for you. You work hard to maintain it and keep it looking beautiful for the people living inside as well as your guests. As you take care of your home, there are challenges that arise and one of these is window functionality.

Did you know there is one product for windows that can keep your family more comfortable, save your furniture and hardwood floors from fading, and protect against broken windows when accidents happen? It is called Llumar Window Film, and here are three of its exciting features:

Window Film For Design & Privacy

Denver’s homes are a mixture of modern and traditional. Interior design is a huge component of Denver living. Window films can add an interesting and unexpected detail to a window or glass surface. With many different varieties and patterns, there is a decorative film for every style.

Window Film For Blocking Heat & Energy Efficiency

Solar window film is almost a must in Denver. With over 300 days of sun a year, you need windows that can keep up. Reduce glare, heat, UV rays, and your energy costs with Llumar Window Film.

Window Film For Safety & Security

Yes, accidents do happen, like wayward baseball balls smashing in a window, or a tree branch being knocked into one in a storm. Sometimes something even worse can take place, like a break-in. Give yourself peace of mind with safety film that can protect against these unfortunate events. It actually can keep windows from breaking under extreme stress with a specially engineered heavy-duty polyester compound.

Your Denver Llumar Window Film Experts

Reach out to the professionals at Denver Window Tinting for all your window film questions. We are standing by to help, and are the #1 trusted installer of Llumar Window Film in Denver. Denver Window Tinting has been helping Denver homeowners for years find solutions to their window function and design needs. We would love to help you.

Bird Strike Prevention for Window Films for Denver Office Buildings and Homes

February 1, 2018 in Commercial Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting

Why Birds Fly Into Windows Of Homes And Office Buildings

Bird strikes may seem like something that happens to airplanes but bird strikes on windows in high rises and surprisingly even homes, are very common and bad for both bird and property owner.  If you have ever seen it first hand you know the sickening thud the strike makes and the all too sad site of an injured bird sliding down the glass or falling from the sky afterward.   The reason bird strikes happen is simple–the birds cannot see the windows.  This is because the reflection of the sky, trees, and clouds, indicate to the bird that the window is an open place for them to fly.  So, one way to stop this from bird strikes from happening and prevent the resulting damage to your home or office and birds is to have the right window tinting applied.

How To Prevent Damage From Bird Strikes On Your Denver Home Or Office Windows

While the death of birds from striking a glass window is unfortunate, it can also be bad news for your property as well.  Each year bird strikes to windows cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to windows: cracking, shattering and even exploding are all too common.  Bird strikes often occur on transparent or highly-mirrored glass window films.  Because of this, choosing a window tint with an exterior reflectivity of 10-20% like SolarGard Truevue film, you can have all the energy efficiency benefits but still, a film that makes your window apparent to birds. Other types of films that prevent bird strikes are called “fritted” films and they are specifically engineered to prevent bird strikes by using a texture visible to only birds.  If bird strikes on your Denver home or office building are particularly frequent and disruptive, you may want to consider this type of film.

Denver Window Tinting For Your Bird Strike Prevention Films

At Denver Window Tinting, we have installed tens of thousands of feet of film in our decade-long stay in the  Denver market.  We also carry hundreds of styles and brands in our inventory.  This means no matter what type of window film you are looking for we can guide you to the right film to fit your needs and that also keeps birds from hitting your windows.    Contact us for a free consultation and pricing estimate today!