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Window Film Keeps Government & Military Buildings Ultra Secure

Our government buildings, whether we like it or not, are soft targets and often the victims of misplaced aggression. Keeping our government and military buildings and the many employees within them safe from harm with security window film is an absolute must. Window tinting, on government buildings greatly decreases utility bills making good use of taxpayer dollars and freeing it up for other more important government projects like roads and schools.


Increase Productivity Among Denver Government Offices

A workplace that is brighter and more temperature controlled is proven to be healthier workspace and as a result, more productive. Daylight redirecting window film projects the rays of the sun deeper into buildings where it is needed most, while at the same time removing glare from those closest to the windows. The result of this redirection is employees in all segments of the building being more content with their surroundings and jobs. In fact, studies have shown that this exposure to filtered sunlight makes employees more focused and productive and decreases office absenteeism rates.


Save up to 30% on Energy Costs

The government runs on the tax dollars you pay into the system year after year. So it makes sense that government buildings should be as conservative as possible. One of the best ways to keep costs low on government utility bills is by having window tint applied. It saves money on heating and cooling costs and eliminates the need for artificial lighting by increasing natural brightness resulting in up to 30% savings on utility costs.


Keep Your Government Building Safe & Secure

The government is often a target for people’s frustrations and although it is misplaced, it sometimes leads to attacks on innocent people in government buildings. Government buildings will be protected from a number of threats: theft, vandalism, accidents, terror attacks and natural disasters with security window tinting. Security window tinting is an invisible barrier that prevents windows in place even after they are shattered. This stops one of the most dangerous occurrences in natural disasters and attacks–flying glass and keeps occupants safe. Security tint offers round the clock defense, making it the perfect security system for police departments, fire stations, government offices, and military bases.

Denver Window Tinting has worked with numerous government buildings and military bases to provide professional window tinting. Contact us today for your free consultation!