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Window Tint protects travelers and transit hub employees

The common challenges facing mass transit ports across the country: Security, vandalism, and passenger safety are all addressed with window tinting. While there is no way to prevent violence or vandalism, protective security window film is a way to be prepared should these things occur and mitigate the damage as much as possible. What’s more, It’s easy to maintain, affordable, and highly effective.

Put an end to vandalism.
Most of the transit system is unguarded and as such is plagued with graffiti. It shows up nearly everywhere; bus stops, trains, and light rails. This vandalism makes Denver transit systems and the city as a whole look unclean and unappealing. Anti-graffiti film put an end to all that. It protects from harsh scratching, etching, painting and even acid marking. The sacrificial layer of film is easily removed and replaced, for a fraction of the cost of traditional, less effective graffiti remediation.

Keep passengers safe.
Protect your passengers with window tinting. The simple and cost effective application of window film will keep the glass windows and doors of transit hubs and vehicles intact in the case of a high-velocity blow, protecting workers and passengers. Additionally, window tint keeps the harmful UV rays from the sun off of the skin of everyone in buildings and on buses and trains.

Stay protected from UV rays.
Just like in any business establishment the windows of mass transit hubs must be tinted to prevent the building’s interiors and furniture from fading because of UV rays. Window tint blocks out 99.9% of UV rays, providing the highest level of solar protection. It keeps flooring and furniture looking new and protects occupants from UV exposure related illnesses like cancer.

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