Window Tint Is a Necessity for Denver Museums

Museums have the mammoth task of taking care of items that simply cannot be replaced. As such the highest level of UV protection from window tint is of the utmost interest of museums and their patrons. Denver museums can also highly benefit from energy efficient window film, safety and security film, as well as decorative and privacy options.

uv protection widow film denver museum

Protect Valuable Treasures

Museums are in the business of keeping precious items from society’s past looking good for this generation and, ostensibly, for many to come. When it comes to threats to these objects, the sun looms tall as one of the most menacing. The UV rays of the sun are severely detrimental to old items, not only fading them but, because of their age, even causing them to deteriorate. When 99.9% of harmful rays are blocked from reaching these ancient artifacts with window film, they are preserved and enjoyed for years to come.

safety and security window film denver museum

Keep Guests and Artifacts Safe with Security Film

A museum, like other public places, can be considered a soft target and therefore is a good candidate for security film. What’s more, since museums house a number of extremely valuable items, they are a highly likely target for thieves. Security film is a great way for museums to deter intruders and thieves since, once the glass coated with security film, it doesn’t give way without considerable work and time. Making it much more difficult for an intruder to abscond with anything valuable before the police arrive.

glare reduction window film denver museum

Highlight Ancient Artifacts and Art Displays 

Natural light is the best light for getting a good look at something–especially something old and presumably fading. When UV blocking window tint is used on museum windows, not only does it protect old relics, it allows visitors to scrutinize them in the best light possible, natural light, without any danger of fading or disintegration.

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