Window Tint Enhances Higher Learning in Denver Schools

Schools are charged with getting the highest results with often times scant budgets. With window tinting, schools get more for less. Since window tinting is so cost-effective, schools can keep their students and teachers safer and more distraction-free than ever, while at the same time saving a significant amount of money on utility bills year round!

denver school energy efficient window film

Cut Down on Energy Costs While Improving Comfort

For nearly any school in the country budget is an issue and in a day and age when energy is more expensive than ever, keeping utility bills low is a high priority. So when it comes to using a school budget wisely, window tinting just makes sense. This film will make your schools more energy efficient and reduces heating and cooling costs greatly. It boosts the insulating power of your existing windows for savings up to 30%.

denver school safety and security window film

Keep Your Students and Staff Safe

A school is a place of learning that houses some of the most vulnerable people in our society our children. A dangerous intruder can hurt so many in so little time, that an extra layer of protection on your school’s glass doors and windows could save many valuable lives, just by slowing down an attacker. Security window film keeps staff and students safer for a budget-friendly price.

denver school custom decorative window film

Give Your Denver School Style and Personality

Show your school’s pride and have fun with events like prom, dances, holidays and more with decorative window film. Decorative window film is very customizable– add custom graphics or motivational messages to the walls and windows of your school and really let the kid’s imaginations run wild. It comes in a variety of colors and the ability to be easily customized comes in any design you want to match your school’s them or existing decor.

Window tint makes school renovations easy and affordable. Call Denver Window Tinting to schedule an appointment to install window tint for your Denver school or university.