window film cleaning care

Guide to Window Film Cleaning & Care

Window film cleaning and care is relatively simple but should be done properly. Using abrasive materials, brushes, and coarse items will damage the film over time and ruin its appearance. On the other hand, if you take care of your window film correctly, it will stay clear and shiny and maintain its beautiful appearance for several years’ time.

This window film cleaning and care guide from Denver Window Tinting explains the methods that property owners should use to keep their film in good condition.

window film cleaning care

Caring for Window Film After Installation

After your window film is installed, you should wait for it to dry and cure before cleaning it. The time period for curing ranges from a few days to four weeks. It all depends on the weather. Window film dries best in sunny conditions. During this time, your film may look slightly cloud and/or have a few water bubbles beneath the surface. Do not attempt to remove these yourself. They will go away on their own. If you aren’t sure how long to wait before cleaning, your installation technician should be able to help you determine the right time period.

window film cleaning care

How to Clean Window Film

Window film can be cleaned using most household cleaners. Avoid abrasive cleaners and solutions that contain ammonia. Cleaning can be conducted as needed to remove dust by following these steps:
1. Create a solution of soapy water for cleaning. You can use a mild dish detergent or gentle soap.
2. Find a soft cloth for wiping the film. We recommend microfiber towels, but soft, high quality paper towels are okay too so long as they are not coarse.
3. Add the solution to a spray bottle or a bucket to dip the cloth in.
4. Gently wipe the solution across the window to remove dust.
5. Remove the soap using clean water or with a dry cloth. Make sure that all moisture is removed from the film and the edges of the window.
6. Repeat the process every few weeks or as needed to keep the film shiny and beautiful.
7. If desired, you can polish the film with a silicone cleaner on occasion to give it an even shinier appearance. This step is optional.

If you have questions about the process for window film cleaning and care, our Denver team will be happy to help. Simply call our office to get additional information.

window film cleaning care

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