When it comes to making a new investment in your home or business, it’s always a good idea to do adequate research in order to make the most informed decision. Many property owners are turning to window film to address a number of concerns. From energy efficiency to safety and security, innovation within this industry continues to grow. While there are many innovative products to choose from, property owners may have some general questions regarding window film. Let’s answer some of our most frequently asked questions for Denver properties.

Most Frequently Asked Window Film Questions for Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Does window film damage windows?

No, window film does not damage windows if installed properly by an experienced, licensed window film contractor. There have been rare cases in the past where incompatible products have been installed on double-pane windows, causing excessive heat buildup. Working with the right contractor will eliminate this problem.

How do you maintain window film?

Once installed, property owners should typically wait about a month in order for the product to properly cure. Window film is less porous than glass and will require fewer cleanings. We recommend cleaning your window film with a soft, non-abrasive cloth along with a mild cleaner. Silicone polishes may be used to enhance the appearance but this is not required.

Does window film kill houseplants?

No, solar control and UV protection films only block UV rays. The red and blue light needed for plants to grow is unobstructed. In some cases, window film can even help plants thrive by reducing excessive heat, providing more stable temperatures, and preventing damage from UV rays.

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