If it isn’t obvious already, Breckenridge is a great place to live.  Being right in the mountains has its advantages like all four season and this bustling mountain town has plenty to do too.  Whether hitting the slopes or enjoying seasonal events like the Breckenridge International Arts Festival or The Great American Picnic–this place seemingly has it all.  And while life is pretty amazing here, one issue any resident can tell you about is the sun in such a high altitude place, can be brutal. This is why for homes in the Breckenridge area, a home upgrade that is sure to improve the quality of your life is–window film.  From everything from solar control to security, window film is something that will, believe it or not, make your life here in Breckenridge, that much better. Find out how below:

Westminster Film for Denver

Window Film For Protecting Breckenridge Home Furnishings

You want your Breckenridge home to be decorated just so, with the things you like.  The problem is the sun, especially at high altitudes, destroys things like upholstery, floors and wood furniture.  Window film stops the UV rays that cause fading and degradation of wood, fabric and more–extending the life of your belongings by protecting them from the sun.

Boulder Film for Denver

Window FIlm For Adding Security To Breckenridge Homes

Although, as you know,  Breckinridge is a fairly safe place to live–it is a ski town.  This means it attracts people looking for quick scores. Plus, many people are in and out of the city all the time.  When you add window film to your home, you not only add a bit of privacy, but also an added layer of security. Since it takes many blows to penetrate windows treated with film, burglars often move on to an easier target or before cops arrive.


Window FIlm For Lowering Utility Bills For Breckenridge Homeowners

Let’s face it—Breckenridge gets cold and utility bills here can be outrageous.  You don’t want to spend all your time here in this Winter Wonderland worry about keeping the heat down–you want it toasty and warm.  Well, window film helps you not only retain heated air for that welcoming mountain home feel but also saves you over 30% on heating bills–year round.

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