Going about our lives, on a day to basis, we tend to forget how dangerous the world really is. Crime happens everywhere, even in cities that have a reputation as being safe. That’s why it’s important for property managers to be proactive about safety issues and make sure that their employees and property are protected at all times. Denver property managers can install bomb blast window film as a way to improve the safety and security of a property and protect employees during emergencies.

How Bomb Blast Window Film Strengthens Glass

When most people think of window film, the image that comes to mind is the dark, plastic like sheet of film that’s applied on car windows. However, there are numerous types of window tint. Some are used to block heat and glare like car window tint. Others, on the hand, such as security window film have a completely different purpose. The primary purpose of security window films is to prevent break ins and protect humans and objects from broken glass.

Of the security films that exist, bomb blast window films are the most powerful. Bomb blast window films work slightly differently than traditional fragment retention films in the way that they actually strengthen glass. These window films bond to glass at the molecular level, making it stronger and more resistant to shattering.

Reasons to Install Bomb Blast Window Film

Installing bomb blast window film for your Denver property can have many advantages including:

1. Reduced operation down time. In the event that an emergency occurs, having a bomb blast window film in place can help you get back up and running more quickly.

2. Prevents injury. Broken glass can cause wounds, lacerations, and serious life-threatening injuries.

3. Prevents theft. Bomb blast window films can protect your building from intruders and prevent valuable items and equipment from being stolen.

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