In the last few years, our country has made great strides in improving our security and protecting public safety. Now, security procedures for airports, sports stadiums, schools, and concert venues are much more thorough and strict than they were in the past.

Nevertheless, it’s important for us to not rest on laurels and always be on the look out for new ways to make our security systems stronger and more effective. C-Bond window films offer Denver government buildings an incredible opportunity for improving security and protecting employees, equipment, and occupants from unexpected dangers.

CBond: Revolutionary Nanotechnology for Enhancing Security

Windows are almost always the first thing to go during a disaster. When a bomb blast occurs, or a major hail storm rolls through, windows can burst into a thousand tiny pieces of broken glass, which shoot through the air like deadly needles. That’s why so many of today’s efforts in improving security are directed towards reinforcing glass.

In the past, the go-to option for schools and government buildings was security window film. And while these window films are an effective solution for situations like break-ins and accidents, they’re simply not strong enough to resist high levels of impact like gun shots or explosions.

C-Bond window films deliver Denver buildings a new solution for improving security and protecting occupants from life-threatening events like blasts and terrorists attacks. Using the power of nanotechnology, these window film systems actually alter glass at the molecular level, making it stronger and more resistant to impact. Studies have shown that windows with C-Bond can withstand high levels of impact, including gunshots and explosions.

The Benefits of Installing C-Bond Window Film

Better security isn’t the only benefit of installing C-Bond window film for Denver government buildings. C-Bond can also provide many other useful advantages including:

Quicker recovery – C-Bond window films help minimize damage during disasters, preventing major structural damage, which helps buildings recover quicker

Reduced liability – By installing C-Bond, businesses can prevent workplace injuries and reduce the number of slip/trip and fall accidents

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