The Denver real estate market is been on the uprise for years now. New condominium buildings are popping up throughout the city. These high-rises are built to accommodate all the new residents we have coming in each year. With all these new structures being built, bird collisions are at an all-time high. Did you know that bird collisions into man-made structures account for about one billion bird deaths each year in the United States alone? The best way to stop these incidents from happening is with bird strike prevention window film.

The Advantages of Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Your Denver Condo

Nothing is more jarring or startling than having a bird crash into your home’s window while you’re relaxing. Not only does this cause distress, but it usually leads to bird fatalities, glass repairs, and maintenance clean up. Bird strike prevention window film prevents this, making birds aware of your windows. The fritted patterns create a reflective property that makes windows visible to birds. In turn, this lowers bird deaths while reducing repairs and clean up. Homeowners can utilize this affordable solution for keeping their homes safe, calm, and free of bird collision distress. The subtle patterned look isn’t noticeable to the naked eye, simply creating a reflective look.

Work with Denver’s Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Specialists

Denver Window Tinting is honored to be the bird strike prevention window film specialists in the Denver metro area. Our expansive selection of residential bird strike prevention window film offers numerous options to keep your from free of this distress and high repair costs. Bird strike prevention helps promote bird conservation. Don’t this problem continue to impact your home life. Our team can provide the best recommendations.

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