Window Films Of Yesterday Vs. Today

Window film has been changing and evolving for over the 50+ years since its inception to make our modern lives better. This is because the window tinting industry as a whole is constantly researching and developing different films for modern applications–some that have nothing to do with glass whatsoever. It has come a very long way since the days of thick, dark, plastic sheets applied to only glass windows. Today, films not only provide shade and sun relief for home and business owners but fill a number of other purposes as well. Even in the 10+ years, we have been providing Denver with window films and tints we have seen a variety of new products come on the market that provides more valuable benefits than ever before.

Privacy Window Tints With Perfect Clarity

In the old window film days, window film for privacy also blocked much of the view from people inside homes and commercial buildings too. Today’s window tints offer better light to dark range options, without the loss of clarity.

HD Decorative Films In Denver

Decorative window film is a fantastic way to add a unique interior design element to glass surfaces in your home or office, at a good price. But it is often thought of as gaudy and outdated. However, the decorative patterns of today are not loud pictures or patterns of an era gone but rather HD graphics, that give a stylish look of frosted glass and etched patterns that look like real, high-end glass.

Daylight Redirecting Films In Denver

One type of window film that far more advanced than it’s predecessors is the newer technology of daylight redirecting film. The ingenious window film amazingly redirects the sun ray. Rather than shining only right in front of the windows in a room, sunlight is redirected deeper into the building where light is low. This creates more comfortable and consistent light levels through the use of innovative window film science.

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Mike is a highly trained and qualified window film professional. Mike has been working in the window tinting industry for over fifteen years, during which time he has overseen the installation of over 250,000 square feet of film. As the head of operations for Denver Window Tinting, he is the main point of contact on all projects and is also in charge of sales and customer relations. Mike's years of experience have given him incredible knowledge and insight about all the different types and brands of window film on the market. He is well-versed in product lines from Vista, LLumar, 3M, C-Bond, SolarGard, Huper Optik, and other top brands. Over the years, he has received numerous certifications and attended ongoing education courses. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.