Windows play an important role in any property. They can often dictate your home’s energy usage and costs. When windows become outdated, they can worsen your energy efficiency, take away from your curb appeal, and more. While window replacement is always inevitable, there are also alternatives for certain cases. If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, window film can provide the benefits you’re looking for. Enjoy a cost-effective alternative to window replacement with window film.

The Benefits of Window Film as An Alternative to Window Replacement for Denver Homes

Window film acts as a wonderful alternative to window replacement. It costs a fraction of the price and requires a significantly less intrusive installation. Installation times are quick and can often be completed in a day. Enjoy minimized downtime and not having to deal with a huge home renovation during the pandemic or winter months. Homeowners can enjoy about 30% savings in the summer and around 10% to 15% in the winter. These significant savings can provide a full payback in three years or less. Window film can make a one-paned window into two-paned and a two-paned window into three. In addition to energy efficiency, window film can also provide the benefits of UV protection, glare reduction, privacy, safety and security, and much more. With optically clear and various reflective options, window film provides a great way to transform your exterior as well.

Work With Denver’s Trusted Window Film Contractor

Denver Window Tinting is honored to be the trusted window film contractor serving the state of Colorado. Our team is LEED certified and is happy to offer energy audits. Energy audits can help you determine your energy usage and what solution is best to invest in. For more information regarding your window film alternative options for window replacement, please contact us!