Energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners in Colorado. With our extreme seasonal shifts from hot summers to frigid winters, finding ways to control energy costs and improve comfort is a must. As window experts catering to Denver neighborhoods like Cheesman Park, Belmar, and Cherry Creek, we always get asked: should I install low-e window film or replace my windows? Below, we’ve discussed the benefits of installing low-e window film in Denver in detail.

Understanding Low-E Window Film

Low-emissivity (low-e) window film is a thin, multi-layered plastic sheeting applied to the interior glass surface. Tiny metal-oxide particles in the film reflect infrared heat back into a room during winter while blocking solar heat gain in summer. This improves insulation, reduces fading, and lowers HVAC costs year-round.

Benefits of Low-E Window Film in Denver

Our extreme climate makes low-e film an excellent choice here in Denver. Here are some of the benefits:

Energy Efficiency

Low-e films can reduce heat loss through windows by 20-40%. This significantly drops heating and cooling costs. Exceptional insulation also helps buildings attain eco-friendly certifications.

UV Protection

Low-e films block up to 99% of ultraviolet light, which fades furnishings. They also reject infrared light, reducing skin damage and eye strain.


Low-e films lessen temperature extremes near windows by keeping interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This helps maintain steady, comfortable temps.

Cost Savings and ROI

While more initially affordable than new windows, low-e films provide comparable utility savings. In fact, the average ROI period is just 3-5 years. Plus, many utilities offer rebates for window films, offsetting costs further.

Professional Installation

Proper application is key to maximize performance and longevity. Our expert Denver crews have years of experience flawlessly installing window films.

Factors to Consider

Climate, energy costs, aesthetics, and regulations should inform your window film choice. We help clients select optimal solutions for their homes or buildings.

Low-E Film vs. New Windows

Replacement windows have benefits but aren’t always the best value.


Window films offer faster payback on investment than new windows.


Low-e films are 3-5X less expensive than full window replacement.


Films preserve existing window materials rather than sending them to landfills.


Films can be installed in a fraction of the time without remodeling hassles.

For most Denver homeowners, low-e window film is the smarter long-term choice.

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Low-e window films offer an affordable way to cut energy costs, protect interiors, and enhance comfort in Denver homes and offices. To explore the benefits for your property, call Denver Window Tinting today to schedule a free estimate! We look forward to helping you and discussing your project in detail!

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