Privacy is one of our top requests here at Denver Window Tinting. Because privacy window film is affordable and gets the job the done. It is a way to get the look and function of real glass–without the high costs. On top of being affordable, window film for privacy is a fast–done in as little as an hour. In this short time, our installers can transform your Denver home’s bathroom, entryway or any other area into a private to semi-private area. Plus, privacy window film gives you most of the benefits of regular window film like energy-efficiency and UV protection. Finally, there are so many lovely patterns, textures, and colors to choose from. But which window film is best for privacy in your Denver home? Below we listed our top picks in the pattern, texture and etched category.


We come across a ton of amazing patterns bein in the window film biz. But easily one of our favorites is the Organic Cotton pattern. It seems to go with any decor. In today’s world of modern films, you can accomplish almost any look you are trying for with this HD film. The classic criss-cross pattern that blocks out nearly any glances from the outside but still lets in a lot of natural light into your Denver home.


Textured window film for home decor works great plus it serves just as well for privacy. It is soft and lends an elegant touch to any part of your Denver home. Plus, it is much lower in price than actual textured glass but with the same power to transform. Matrix White Matte epitomizes the impact of window film on modern style and function. It gives the benefits of window film but also the look of actual textured glass.


When buying privacy film, you want to be sure to take advantage of one of its major benefits–it doesn’t block out natural light. This is what light-diffusing films are great at. They let the rays of the sun shine into your home, but stille give you plenty of coverage. Fine Crystal Frost is a lovely light-diffusing film and mimics the look of actual frosted glass but you will definitely know the difference when you see the price. Since window film has a significantly lower cost than real glass.

Denver Home Window Tinting For Your Privacy Window Film

While these patterns and textures are some that we love for privacy in homes here in Denver, the sky is truly the limit with decorative window film. For more information on these films or to start customizing a decorative film of your own–reach out to us today!

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