Safety Window Film – A Safety Glass Alternative Solution

One of the most difficult but highly rewarding achievements for avid DIYers is likely remodeling an old home. Likewise, in the world of home improvement, it is the gold star of achievement and other projects simply don’t hold a candle to it.  This is because the process of taking something old and making it look new and often times more beautiful than the original is as hard as it is fulfilling.  However, for most home remodelers, budget is always an issue.  There is no glory in a going over budget so spending your remodeling money for you old home is key to success and zero regrets. Done correctly, you will have both a beautifully remodeled old home and maybe even a little money left in your wallet.  At Denver Window Tinting,  we have helped hundreds of homeowners save significantly on their renovations by informing them of the fact that, security window film is an acceptable and more affordable substitute for tempered glass and will bring the glass in areas like bathrooms, staircases, around pools and on balconies up to code. That’s right, you can save money and a whole lot of man hours and the added  benefits of window film

Benefits Of Safety Glass For Your Denver Home

When thinking about whether you want to use safety and security window film instead of tempered glass for your Denver vintage home remodel consider these benefits. Benefits like:


Probably the greatest thing about using safety window film instead of tempered glass is the cost. Tempered glass is extremely expensive and removing old glass is very time-consuming. Safety and security film can be applied in as little as one day and costs 50%-75% less.

Storm Protection

Safety film keeps your home’s glass and family protected in the case of an earthquake, and wind-related storms, like tornados, from flying debris.  Window safety film holds the broken glass in place so it can’t harm you or your family.

Home Security

While window safety glass won’t completely stop an intruder, it will definitely slow them down! A big factor in home security is impeding an intruder and buying you more time for you to call 911. Security films resist tearing and make windows much more difficult to penetrate. It helps hold glass fragments together after impact–meaning the intruder has to work hard and for a long time to actually get in.

Don’t let your Denver home renovation get out of control and over budget because of the unplanned addition of tempered glass, work around it with safety window film! Contact us at, Denver Window Tinting for a free, on-site estimate today!

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