Homes throughout the Denver area experience high exposure to UV rays due to altitude alongside harsh, hot summers from the constant Colorado sun. Lowering air conditioning costs while finding means to protect your home from UV radiation can seem expensive and difficult. Llumar, acclaimed for their residential solar rejection and UV protection window films, delivers an inexpensive solution for Denver homeowners that’s actually a wonderful ROI.

Benefits of Llumar UV Blocking Window Film for Denver Homes

Denver homeowners can experience a multitude of benefits from Llumar’s residential window films. With UV blocking capabilities of up to 99.9%, homeowners can protect their furnishings, flooring, upholstery, valuables, and family members from UV radiation. UV rays can lead to serious health complications and cause irreversible damage to possessions– save money on replacement and potential health/beauty costs with Llumar’s UV blocking window film. Llumar’s residential window film series also feature high solar rejection with up to 80% rejection capabilities. This means your home will remain cool with lowered air conditioning use throughout the summer while maintaining the same, comfortable temperature throughout winter months. With optimized energy efficiency and home comfort, Denver homeowners can experience a full return on their investment in just a few years.

Window Film Deflects Sunlight from Denver Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Installing Llumar UV Blocking Window Film in Your Denver Home

Installing Llumar UV blocking film is like applying SPF 1000 to your Denver home. Denver Window Tinting is the trusted Llumar window tinting contractor in the Denver metro area, providing premium residential solutions to help homeowners save money and protect their home and loved ones. Our local window film experts can complete projects of any size in a timely manner so your home can experience all the benefits immediately.

For more information regarding Llumar residential window film’s UV blocking and solar rejection properties for your Denver home, please contact us or call: (720) 835-2164