In Denver, it’s always tourist season. No matter the time of year, travelers are always visiting Denver because of the city’s close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks, and world renowned ski resorts. While all of the constant traffic is great business for local hotels, hospitality managers are now finding that they are faced with a new challenge in light of Denver’s recent growth: It’s nearly impossible to provide guests with the privacy they need.

The growing population has led to the development of more buildings and skyscrapers. That’s why so many Denver hotels are now installing privacy window film. Privacy window film provides Denver hotel managers with an easy solution for protecting the privacy of guests and employees without blocking light or the beautiful views of the Mile High City skyline.

Creative & Practical Ways to Use Privacy Window Film in Your Hotel

Incorporating privacy window film into your Denver hotel is easy. The film is very easy to work with since it can be cut into any shape or size needed. This makes it perfect for windows where blinds or curtains may not be a practical solution. Not to mention, the different stylistic options for privacy film are virtually limitless. Privacy films come in every different shades, color, and pattern you could possibly imagine, including elegant frosted and textured styles as well as more unique looks like dichroic glass finishes.

We asked our staff of professional designers for their advice on the best uses for privacy window film in hotels. Here are some of their favorite ideas:

1. Create an ultra modern custom shower.
Adding a colorful or frosted film to the walls of a glass shower can set the tone for a super modern, elegant look for your guest rooms.

2. Use frosted films as room dividers.
Instead of opting for a stand alone room divider, you can add window film to glass wall separators or interior doors. Window film can help create a feeling of distinct separation without blocking out the light or making the room seem small.

3. Conceal areas from the public.
Keep employee break areas, kitchen areas, and storage areas safely tucked away and discreet with window film. Window film can help conceal clutter or reduce visibility between rooms so that you can maintain the relaxing ambiance of guest areas while creating a safe, privacy space for employees.

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